Rebalance your Life, Rebalance our World

When we rebalance ourselves, we can rebalance our world and thrive. How? By understanding what's out of balance, and finding ways to exercise our personal power as consumers, citizens and leaders. Begin your personal journey toward thriving now by downloading the app.

Discover your Core Values through the 8 Petals for Thriving

You will discover your core values, and learn to know yourself better in the process using our Balancer Flower and questionnaires. We also offer the opportunity to develop yourself while learning to make those positive impacts you care about.
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Assess companies and causes: make better choices

We offer you the opportunity to make better choices between brands, causes and apps. Discover and follow your favorite brands, causes and apps that match your values and give you hope for a better world. Find out which organizations are making a positive impact, and avoid buying from or engaging with organizations with negative impacts for people and planet.

Scale what you Care About

By sharing your insights with friends, family and colleagues, you can scale up the positive impacts you make and change the world for the better faster and more effectively. And you can know learn together with friends, family and colleagues by playing our free real-time game ThiveWorld.

Make an impact

You'll have the ear of decision makers who can dramatically improve their products and services, along with those in positions of authority, power and influence who will listen to your collective voices and constructive suggestions for positive impacts.
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