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Drawings by @damezinart


To develop our economies in healthy, regenerative ways that care for future generations, we must promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Radical innovation in all it's aspects will be a key factor in determining whether humankind makes it through the 21st century as a viable species- technological, business model, social and open kinds of innovation will need to be blended synergistically.

For example, take the circular economy. A circular economy is an industrial system that is restorative or regenerative by intention and design.

The economic benefit of transitioning to this new business model is estimated to be worth more than $1 trillion in material savings by 2030.

Leaders of the future will need to become systemic integrators who can balance multiple stakeholders, multiple capitals and multiple sustainable development goals with an enterprising and open approach that leaves no one behind.