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Drawings by @damezinart


We currently face a triple crisis on our planet of ecosystem collapse, biodiversity loss, and global overheating due to excessive use of fossil fuels to power our global economic growth. This, in turn, is precipitating economic, social, and health crises, both physical (Covid-19, for example) and mental (increasing stress, anxiety, depression, and suicide).

In 2019 July 29th marked Earth Overshoot Day - the date on which we've burnt through the amount of resources our planet can renew in a year. Every year we blow this ecological budget earlier and earlier and at our current rate of resource use we'd need 1.75 planets to support our demand on Earth's ecosystem.

Due to the global economic slowdown caused by Covid19, Earth Overshoot Day was pushed back to 22 August in 2020. This shows that it is possible to push back against what seems to be the inevitable tendency of humankind to continue to overshoot the resources of our planet to sustain us and all life.

We must also develop sources of renewable energy to power 100% of all our energy needs before 2050. This is known as ‘decarbonization’.

To ensure a habitable planet for all we must also develop regenerative food and agriculture that can capture excess carbon in the atmosphere.