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Drawings by @damezinart


To help us make better choices to make good things happen more often, we must develop our personal and collective ethics. Educational and lifelong learning systems need to focus on developing high integrity, transparent and fair ethical values that build strength of character and a sense of purpose.

We also need to think systemically, creatively and critically. Citizens of the future will need the ability to create holistic value through their own lives and work, as well as in their communities, organizations and institutions.

To support this goal we need to ensure we develop empathic, thriveable technologies designed for their empathy and relationship building qualities, especially when considering the risks of artificial intelligence and the dangers of objectification, narcissism, manipulation and the spread of dysfunctional ideologies and memes.

Ultimately, ethics is what enables us to answer the question: "What is the right thing to do here, how, given this situation"? The answer will always be subject to the subjective values of those involved in answering that question, so the ability to develop mutual understanding and alignment of values during the decision making process is key to making more ethical decisions.